Saturday, November 14, 2009


you've just arrived at my very first blog.

this is a photoblog.
what you can expect to see is photographs of people on the street, on the road, or photographs of the road itself.

below photos are taken during october's jakarta car free day in bunderan hotel indonesia, jakarta.
it's a people's party

please have a look

unknowns unposing


[ i came upon 3 people who went to different directions with different thoughts]


does not

she doesn't give a ...

[... a damn]



jakarta is

[as chaotic you can expect. chaotic but not that chaotic. jakarta is chaotic in its own way]




[it's a smack in your face]
[the truth]


wanita indonesia

fear driven

[translation : "indonesian women lack 50% of daily calcium needs. beat osteoporosis with anlene". indonesians never heard osteoporosis before anlene hit the market. and that's just last decade]


it ain't heavy

it's only metal. it ain't heavy. it ain't.

[he lifted that huge thing by himself]


got milk?

a walking advertisement. i pity him.

[he's a nice guy. after this candid he offered to pose]


a strange stranger

jakarta was very hot that day, yet he wore sweatshirt. jakarta was very noisy that day, he put on his headphone

[he's us]


end of first entry.
i dedicate this to K

[who showed me this refuge]